What is beauty if not a jolt that awakens us to the world? – Shahidha Bari | Aeon Essays

This portrait is beautiful. Sometimes, I find its beauty in the perfectly angled crook of the arm that rests easily across the sitter’s lap. At other times, it is in the unstudied grace of the hand that props up the head, the long fingers curled in repose.




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Awaken the Beauty: Love is the shortest distance between two souls (Paperback)

Our inner thoughts have nearly become a secret to us, with our subconscious mind locking away our deepest desires. BUT, maybe there is more. Maybe I deserve those desires. Maybe. We keep secrets from ourselves and deny our impulsive inclinations. Deep down believing that, somehow, we will be granted another life where we will be allowed to live freely, but first we must live how everyone expects us to. Suffering in silence as we hope we will be rewarded for surrendering our dreams. Awaken the Beauty is a seductive novel that will evoke the insightful expression of your inner world. Liam, the main character, takes a step back from his chaotic life and allows himself to let go of all of societies, as well as his own, preconceptions of life to find his underlying beauty. This book will take you on an adventure and help you let go of your past and forgive any unmet expectation the future promised. Further it will require you to confront your fears, allowing this human quality to feel less like a short coming but rather a natural curiosity that threads in all of us. Romance, adventure, disappointment, failure and growth. Liam makes us feel it all. We might not always find what we set out to, however, life has a surprisingly graceful way of still satisfying us, even if it is just for a little while, until we conjure up some new dream or direction that we believe will bring us more joy. Forever chasing, forever searching, this story unites us in our hunger for more. Accompany Liam through the unfolding of a mesmerizing journey which allows you to see and feel that there might be more to this world than meets the eye.

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