This Budget Video LED Light Kit Will Only Set You Back 100 Bones

Need an LED light kit that won’t break the bank? In the past, lighting a film required the use of big, expensive studio lights, but nowadays, indie filmmakers can get away with using cheap LED kits that are powerful, accurate, and small enough to fit in your pocket.




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ESDDI LED Camera/Camcorder Video Light Panel for Lighting in Studio or Outdoors, 3200K to 5600K Variable Color Temperature, Ultra Thin Anodized Aluminum Housing for All DSLR Cameras (Electronics)

Wide dimming range from 10% to 99% and adjustable color temp. – 3200k-5600k.
Heat sink design on both sides dissipate heat effectively even after long time using.
This light can be powered by DC 13V-17V input, worry less when you need a long time using.
Portable design, its lightweight makes you mount it on a stand or hold in your hand easily during shooting.
We provide a NP-F550 type battery and charger with micro-USB charging cable, you can easily find a replacement.
With a cold shoe adapter using 1/4-20 thread, it works with the most majority of camera, camcorder, tripod or light stand.
This light enable you to adjust color temperature directly, with the digital display, you can handle light condition better when shooting.
18×8 LED matrix produces powerful light for indoor and outdoor photography, provides enough light choices for both amateur and pro.
Anodized aluminum housing ensures great heat dissipation and stability. It also helps to keep the light steady when installed on a mount.
Up to 95 CRI results an accurate color reproduction, especially under low light condition. Highly recommended by photographers to shoot in the morning or after sunset.

CRI: >95
Dimming Range: 10%~99%
Work Power: approx. 15Watt
LED Service Life: 50,000hours
Work Time: 2hours on full charge
Input: DC 13V-17V (Adapter NOT included)
Compatible Battery: SONY L-Series (NOT included)

For your best using experience, we tested and checked battery on every product we sell.
Before you use, please fully charge the battery for about 4 hours.
After you use, please remember to remove the battery from the light.

Package Content:
1 x LED Video Light Panel
1 x Cold Shoe Adapter
1 x NP-F550 Battery
1 x Charger with Micro-USB Charging Cable

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