Armand Hough is a photojournalist living and working in Cape Town and when the national lockdown was announced in March 2020, armed with his camera, he set out to document life in a pandemic, regularly posting about his experiences on social media.

At the same time, filmmaker Jasyn Howes was brainstorming ideas for a short film, based on a brief by the Documentary Filmmakers? Association (DFA) of South Africa to capture the Life, Love, Rifts, and Rage in the time of Covid-19.

MATTERS OF OBSESSION: ‘The Best and Worst of Us’: Photographing South Africa’s lockdown

It’s a story most of us know well: a pandemic, lockdowns and empty streets. ‘The Best and Worst of Us’ is a short film that follows South African photojournalist Armand Hough as he set out to document life in a pandemic, back in March 2020.

URL: The Best and Worst of Us: Photographing South Africa’s lockdown