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You’re Hardwired to Love Social Media

It should be impossible to feel ambivalent about social media anymore. The horse is dead and beaten, its bones picked over: We know services like Facebook harvest our data, spur violence, and elect madmen. Using products like the social network implicates us in a system that has, on occasion, made the world worse in very vivid ways: Rodrigo Duterte, the authoritarian president of the Philippines, has “turned Facebook into a weapon,” and you can see the end result in the…

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Flickr to delete millions of photos as it reduces allowance for free users

Flickr is to delete millions of photos from the internet, as its new owners attempt to sustain the photo-sharing site after its purchase from Yahoo earlier this year. Free users of the site will be limited to storing 1,000 photos and videos, with any excess being deleted from February 2019. The limit is a steep reduction from the previous allowance of 1TB per user, about 200,000-500,000 photos each.

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Why Filmmakers Must Diversify Their Income

There are quite a few ways for anybody to diversify their income and start side hustling, especially if you're willing to break out of the world of filmmaking into other types of work. However, if you want to stay within the realm of filmmaking, I have two relatively minor recommendations, and one huge one.


How to quickly remove flare in Photoshop without cloning

To shoot directly into the sun is both challenging and fun. Challenging because it can be difficult to control the light and, not least, our images are very often marred by sunflare. One simple way of avoiding flare is to shoot an extra exposure with one finger or more obscuring the sun.