A salute to Anacleto Rapping, photographer

When our world seems to be run by madmen and the front page is devoted to horrible deeds that human beings do to each other, I feel it is so important to salute those who live with goodness and respect for humanity in their hearts.

Anacleto Rapping, a former photographer at the Los Angeles Times, who passed away on September 17, 2017 at the age of 63, after a 3-year battle with colon cancer, was one of those people. A photojournalist by profession, his iconic work was infused with humility and facilitated by his great smile. He produced images that were memorable for their artistry but also revealed a deep connection between subject and photographer. His ethos adds a very human dimension to the stereotype of the hard-charging photojournalist that many might have. Not that he wasn’t competitive — he was — but he always put people first.


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