Tran says it was a challenging scene to get right. ?The sequence where he goes under and she throws beer cans at him. It was not getting the propulsion that we wanted. The poor props people were really scared of hitting Andy. I said, ?give me that beer, I’ll do it.? So it was my first AC, who was a semi-pro baseball player, and myself chucking those beer cans into the pool so they would whizz right by him. I thought I had a pretty good arm; I was confident I wouldn’t hit him.

Quyen Tran (‘Palm Springs’ cinematographer): ‘I was confident I wouldn’t hit’ Andy Samberg [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“It was really hard to establish tone. The movie borders on comedy and drama. We had to nail down the story and this unique tone first before we dove into the visuals,” confesses cinematographer Quyen Tran about shooting ” Palm Springs.” She joined us recently for a webchat ( watch the exclusive video above).

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