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Award-winning photojournalist ‘officially arrested’ in Xinjiang

The award-winning Chinese photojournalist who vanished last month in the restive north-west region of Xinjiang was “officially arrested” by local authorities, his wife said on Wednesday (Dec 12). The wife of Mr Lu Guang wrote on Twitter that police in Kashgar had called and confirmed that her husband had been arrested, though no charges were mentioned.

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Do Photojournalism Contests Glamorize Pain and Suffering?

World Press Photo released the short list of finalists in advance of naming the winners to their annual contest. The photos are remarkable for their composition, exposure and intimacy. But judging by the subject matter one might surmise that we’re living in a hellish dystopia, or that the jury believes pain and suffering is the most valid form of photojournalism.

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Starving Babies, Molotov Cocktails and Death Threats: One Photojournalist’s Venezuelan Reality

Meridith Kohut, an American photographer who frequently freelances for The Times, feels “a moral obligation to stay” and bear witness to the horrors of Venezuela’s economic collapse. This month Meridith, 35, was one of four female journalists around the world to be honored by the International Women’s Media Foundation with a Courage in Journalism Award.

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New E100 Test and Comparison to the Original

This a post is a comparison between Old and New Ektachrome or E100 - but first an amusing story about how these two rolls met. Long story short: I left my job at a film lab to reconnect with a someone I have loved for many years and haven't seen for the last two.