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The Best Photos From the 76th Pictures of the Year International

Fabio Bucciarelli was named Photographer of the Year and Jessica Phelps won Newspaper Photographer of the Year. The New York Times was cited for excellence in photo editing. Fabio Bucciarelli was named Photographer of the Year in the 76th Pictures of the Year International competition for a portfolio featuring his coverage of Gaza and the United States-Mexico border published by Yahoo News.

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The True Story Behind an Iconic Vietnam War Photo Was Nearly Erased – Until Now

The fighting in Hue City, Vietnam, was as intense and confusing as anything the Marines there had ever seen. It was mid-February 1968, and American and South Vietnamese forces were desperately trying to counter a surprise onslaught that became known as the Tet offensive. First Battalion, Fifth Marines had breached the city’s historic Citadel.

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Palestinian Photojournalists Win Prestigious US Photo Awards

Two Palestinian photojournalists based in Gaza have won Awards of Excellence at the 76th Pictures of the Year International (POYI) from the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri, in the United States. Congratulations to Mohammed Asad & Mohammed Salem on your photographic ‘Awards of Excellence’ & our love to the wounded, but resilient children.

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How to quickly remove flare in Photoshop without cloning

To shoot directly into the sun is both challenging and fun. Challenging because it can be difficult to control the light and, not least, our images are very often marred by sunflare. One simple way of avoiding flare is to shoot an extra exposure with one finger or more obscuring the sun.


Why Filmmakers Must Diversify Their Income

There are quite a few ways for anybody to diversify their income and start side hustling, especially if you're willing to break out of the world of filmmaking into other types of work. However, if you want to stay within the realm of filmmaking, I have two relatively minor recommendations, and one huge one.