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Should you major in journalism? Here are stories from eight working journalists who didn’t

The first time Emily Kask, 24, tried journalism school, it didn’t work out. She’d never thrived in an academic environment, and she felt a complete lack of support from school administrators and mentors. Kask then transferred to Western Kentucky University, which had a strong multimedia program where she could work on her photography.

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ake the Eyes Dramatic by Adding Details and Dimension in Photoshop

In this eye retouching tutorial, we will use the power of Curves, Masks, Blend Modes, and Blend-If, we will learn a very simple but highly effective way to bring life to the eyes in Photoshop. We'll also learn how to enhance catchlights and remove the red veins from the white of the eyes. Hope this tutorial helps you! Thank you so much for watching :)


Follow the Money (Then Take a Picture)

Perhaps because she has spent her career watching the rich, the photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield is herself rich to watch. At a party after the New York premiere of her new documentary - "Generation Wealth," about the perils of capitalism - Ms. Greenfield was wired, welcoming and constantly working.