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10 Quotes from 10 Artists that will 10x your Self-Motivation

Writers, painters, musicians, photographers - those who have succeeded in these creative arenas offer us lessons in self-motivation unlike those we might learn or be exposed to in other fields. This post gathers together ten different quotes from ten different creative artists, each of which we feel contains within it the remarkable power to motivate and inspire.

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They Body-Shamed Her Online. Then This Photographer Struck Back.

Haley Morris-Cafiero saved more than 1,000 negative comments directed toward her and, choosing 30 from various backgrounds, photographed herself costumed like her cyberbullies. It all started eight years ago when Haley Morris-Cafiero was taking self-portraits in Times Square, lost in the clutter, cacophony and crowds - or so she thought.


Drone journalism’s battle for airspace

The images, taken by photographer Josh Haner from about 135 feet above the smoldering remains of a subdivision decimated by a wildfire in Santa Rosa, California, are mesmerizing. In Haner's video, the camera glides smoothly over the jagged landscape, close enough to make out details-partially burned palm trees, a lone fire truck-but high enough for

Visual Photography Studio

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Must-Have Photography Equipment for Your Studio

Nikon, Canon, and Sony don't provide all the equipment you will need to be a photographer, especially if you're a studio photographer. Cameras and lenses aren't the only necessary equipment a photographer should own. Daniel Norton gives his advice as to what equipment he thinks you need.

Art Wolfe

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Online Deals

Photography for Real Estate

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