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PhotoCamp Daily - Personal Advancement

10 Quotes from 10 Artists that will 10x your Self-Motivation

Writers, painters, musicians, photographers - those who have succeeded in these creative arenas offer us lessons in self-motivation unlike those we might learn or be exposed to in other fields. This post gathers together ten different quotes from ten different creative artists, each of which we feel contains within it the remarkable power to motivate and inspire.

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Converting Stereoscopic Photos into GIFs

Stereoscopic GIFs (also called twitchy GIFs) like the one above and on these pages: ... are awesome, but what if you want to convert old stereoscopic photos into the digital age quickly and cheaply? (Negatives and slides are another issue. I'll address how to cheaply scan these in a future post.)


Visual Photography Studio

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Meet the founders of a stock photo platform that shows real Africa

While sourcing stock photos of Africa for work, Dicky Hokie struggled to find anything other than stereotypical scenes. Finding images of the lives of normal people was almost impossible. An amateur photographer, Hokie saw a business opportunity to build a dedicated African stock photography platform that better represented life on the continent.

Art Wolfe

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Online Deals

Photography for Real Estate

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