Making a creative decision can be simple

May 13, 2016 | Creativity

Exploring the possibilities for a photograph can be as simple as stepping two feet to the left, right, back, or forward.

Or waiting until the next morning when the light is better. Maybe the solution is to wait a few minutes for the light to shift or the pattern to repeat itself.

There was a time when photographers were more observant about deciding when it was best to press the shutter. It cost more.

Film and processing could be expensive unless the photographer took the time to pick the perfect place and time for the photo.

Digital photography significantly alters the equation removing any recurring cost to making more photos.

Being able to wildly experiment with exposure, timing, and composition without concern for cost should make it possible for everyone to become better photographers.

And, being able to experiment with software, as in this iPhone photo of an orange, doesn’t cost anything.