Besides the fact it was a most compelling, even haunting, image, the photo hit close to home: The medic was Richmonder Thomas (also known as Tommie) Cole, whose fleeting moment of fame, the picture by eminent Associated Press photographer Henri Huet also was published in newspapers around the country, including the Times-Dispatch, cast him in the spotlight briefly and then he was gone. His whereabouts after the war have been a mystery.

Lohmann: Where is Tommie Cole – the medic and Richmonder once featured on the cover of Life magazine?

A few years ago, Clay Mountcastle’s father, Jack, a Vietnam veteran, showed him a copy of a 1966 issue of Life Magazine – a once wildly popular weekly publication – that he had saved. It featured a cover photograph of a young Army medic in Vietnam, a bandage covering his eyes, tending to a wounded comrade.

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