Critical Thinking and Planning Your Video’s Editing Style

We’re sure to find videos on YouTube that will show you how to accomplish certain transitions or edit better, but what we rarely get, is the pre-production know-how, or the critical thinking about what you want to achieve when shooting a video. Chris Hau and JR Alli show us how they do it.




The Video Editing Handbook (Kindle Edition)

Each month, video tops the charts as the fastest growing medium on the web. Consumers and businesses turn to videos to discover and share information quickly and effectively. With this guide, you too will be able to create fun, powerful videos as you learn:

The 3 actions
The 4 formats
The 2 styles
And more!

The Video Editing Handbook is ideal for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS will teach you the basics of easy, clean video editing as well as useful strategies for workflow, hosting, delivering, and working with others.

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