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Creative Mom Of Three Uses Photoshop To Turn Her Children’s Daily Life Into Magic

Vanessa Rivera is a 28-year-old blogger and a future educator from Southern California. Besides this, she’s also an amazing mom of three beautiful children, who enjoys turning their daily lives into magical adventures. It has become a part of Vanessa’s daily routine to photograph her kids, and all the editing begins when they go to their beds at night.

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23 open source audio-visual production tools

Open source is well established in cloud infrastructure, web hosting, embedded devices, and many other areas. Fewer people know that open source is a great option for producing professional-level audio-visual materials. As a product owner and sometimes marketing support person, I produce a lot of content for end users: documentation, web articles, video tutorials, event booth materials, white papers, interviews, and more.

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Guess What. You’re Unoriginal! So Start Creating Art with This in Mind

But maybe being original or creative doesn’t mean what you think it means. To celebrate 5 years of prosperity, resulting in over 2 million views on Vimeo, NYC-based filmmaker Kirby Ferguson’s super popular video series “Everything is a Remix” is now available as one single piece, polished, reedited, and remastered, to “change the way you think about creativity, originality, and copyright.”

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What the heck are LUTs?

LUT stands for Look Up Table. A LUT is a file that transforms one range of colors in an image to another range of colors. Traditionally they have been used in the film industry to give films a unique look and feel. Terms like Blockbuster look or 3 Stripe look are often used to describe them.

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