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Here’s How Tech Experts Recommend Organizing Your Photos

We take hundreds and thousands of photos these days, because we can. Long gone are the days of film rolls limited to 24 shots. Storage is trending cheaper and more infinite. You don’t want to miss any of your dog’s cute moments or your kids’ as they grow up. But when we have so many digital images and we want to cull them down a bit and get organized, where do we even start?

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The Butt Pajamas Will Follow You Forever

If you’re reading this, you might have read the juicy piece that Elle dropped this weekend chronicling how a former Bloomberg reporter torched her entire career after falling for the longtime subject of her reporting, professional-tool-turned-convicted-securities-fraudster Martin Shkreli. And if you know about that article, you probably know about The Ad.

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Penn State Student Photojournalists at War with University Over ‘Predatory’ Copyright Contract

Penn State Student Photojournalists at War with School Paper Over ‘Predatory’ Copyright Contract

The staff of the Penn State newspaper The Daily Collegian are currently battling a contract being forced upon them by the periodical’s leadership, claiming it strips them of image ownership and takes advantage of their “volunteer worker” status.

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