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7 Best WordPress Forum Plugins for Community Building

As we all are aware of the fact that bulletin board and forums are the most traditional way of connecting online, but still they are good reliable tools to set up an online connection. You will be glad to know there are some forum plugins that can help you out if you are running any site. But when you are setting up a WordPress Site for the first time, it becomes a bit difficult to know the best way of choosing a better platform for engagement. So Here you go with Best WordPress Forum Plugins list. Choosing one of the...

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Top 6 WordPress mailing list building plugins that you should know about in 2017

For sometime we have been having arguments regarding email marketing. Many reported email marketing as dead. While some said that it might still work. Like it or not, email marketing is still alive and works wonders. Email marketing still gives you a 3,800% ROI. That means you get $38 with every $1 spent! If this doesn’t convince you about the effectiveness of email marketing then I don’t know what will. But why do you need a mailing list building plugin? Read the Original...

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These 9 Photographers Are Capturing Girl Culture Today

As a photo and video curator for the artistic platform Art Hoe Collective, 19-year-old McGarrell gives exposure to young artists, photographers, poets, and creators of color. “A main part of Art Hoe’s goal is gaining representation for people of color in the arts community,” said McGarrell. In her personal work, a mix of fashion, documentary, and fine arts photography, McGarrell works with a similar goal, in “representing those like me, who have grown up not seeing their black, chubby, queer bodies represented positively, if even at all,” she said. Born in California, McGarrell moved to New York to study...

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Russian photographer reimagines fairy tales as whimsical portraits

Magic mirror on the wall, who has the most awesome photos of all? Allow us to introduce Margarita Kareva, a photographer from Ekaterinburg, Russia. She’s been producing some amazing work featuring models recreating fairy tale characters (both popular Western ones and Russian). The costume design, shoot locations, and even animals in the photos have been absolutely on point. “I love to read since childhood, and perhaps my love of reading has made me a dreamer and a person living in their fantasies. And I’m glad that I had a way to play out my fantasies with the camera. It is...

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