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Try to be The Dumbest Photographer In The World

I always say the Universe’s favorite hiding place for the most awesome stuff is right behind fear. Isn’t that a little unfair? Why doesn’t the Universe put the great stuff right before the fear, so everyone can enjoy pure bliss? Although there are a million laws in the Universe, you only need to know one for your photography right now: it expands. Always. But what does that have to do with fear, being dumb and your photos? Let me explain. . . . Read the Original...

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Can brands save photojournalism? Picture agency Verbatim shifts focus from editors to marketers

Only a very few years ago photojournalism still seemed like one of the coolest, most rewarding ways imaginable of making a living. When Aidan Sullivan set up Getty Images Reportage in 2009, the commissions for his team of topflight photographers came rolling in. “We were getting assignments left, right and centre,” he recalls. “We were working for Paris Match, CNN, Time magazine, the New York Times, National Geographic, you name it.” Reportage’s currency was visual imagery but the mere presence of the names on its roster –including Tom Stoddart, Lynsey Addario, Brent Stirton among a hallowed three dozen –...

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575,000 Images by Civil Rights Photographer Bob Adelman Go to Library of Congress

The Library of Congress (LOC) has acquired the archive of Bob Adelman, a photographer who helped document the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and continued to be active in social justice issues in the decades that followed, until his death in 2016. The trove, gifted by an anonymous donor, comprises 575,000 images, negatives, and slides, including 50,000 prints.Source: 575,000 Images by Civil Rights Photographer Bob Adelman Go to Library of Congress . . . Read the Original...

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How 10 Minutes a Day with Your Camera Will Help Make You a Better Photographer

Spend 10 minutes with your camera every day Have you ever found yourself standing in front of an awesome moment trying to decide which camera setting to choose? Try the following tips for just 10 minutes a day with your camera, and soon enough you will forget it’s even there. The camera will become a natural extension of your eye and hand, and will not be an issue when you see a photo you want to take. This self-tutoring plan is based on natural human curiosity, and on the fact that muscle memory can do a better job than...

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7 Best WordPress Forum Plugins for Community Building

As we all are aware of the fact that bulletin board and forums are the most traditional way of connecting online, but still they are good reliable tools to set up an online connection. You will be glad to know there are some forum plugins that can help you out if you are running any site. But when you are setting up a WordPress Site for the first time, it becomes a bit difficult to know the best way of choosing a better platform for engagement. So Here you go with Best WordPress Forum Plugins list. Choosing one of the...

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