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Author: The PhotoCamp Director

DJI Ronin-S Gimbal Stabilizer Price Revealed? Also Pre-Orders Start Soon!

Back at CES 2018, DJI announced they are working on their first single-grip 3-axis gimbal named the DJI Ronin-S … and then the Internet exploded. The world’s biggest consumer drone company demoed a few pre-pro models and updated their website accordingly boasting a beefy single-grip design for their newest gimbal stabilizer with a follow focus knob on the side.

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Photoshop 101: Why Photoshop Actions Should be Used Sparingly

Here’s why. Relying too heavily on Photoshop actions will hinder your Photoshop growth opportunities. Photoshop actions only offer a quick-fix for a heavy price. In a world where everything is moving at hyper-speed, it can be tempting to find a band-aid solution if there’s an immediate result. But after decades in the business, I’ve learned the best trick in the book is to slow down.

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