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Author: The PhotoCamp Director

Retro Typography Webinar – RetroSupply Co

In this webinar, Joe Andrus (creator of the Parts & Labor font) will show you 10 quick-win tips for creating great looking retro typography. Plus, I’ve included links to the sites, products, and resources we mention in the webinar. Enjoy! DID YOU FIND THIS WEBINAR USEFUL? GRAB THE FONT WE’RE USING AT A GREAT PRICE. The webinar was such a blast yesterday. We’re going to do more because it’s an absolute blast hanging out with everyone. Source: Retro Typography Webinar – RetroSupply...

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Most famous photographers suck just as much as you do!

Why you should stop worrying about other people being better that you (This post was originally sent out to the subscribers of my personal email list) A few years ago I was sitting in a café in my hometown, flipping through one of the newspapers. My eyes stopped at one photo, I remember thinking “this is a pretty crappy shot”. I mean, it wasn’t terrible but really nothing special. Today, I can’t remember the motif. But I happened to read the photo credit and I definitely remember who took it. The picture was shot by one of their staff photographers,...

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The New Guide To Learning Photography – The Old One Was Backwards – PhotolisticLife

Familiarize yourself with your camera, learn the exposure triangle, learn composition rules, and then learn everything else (visual story telling, color theory, etc.)…  This has been the order of things since the beginning of photography, it’s a sort of rite of passage for photographers.  It’s backwards.  Before you light your torches and arm yourself with a pitch fork, please hear me out.  Like you, I started this very same way.  Everything I read told me I should be focused on my camera, the settings, and how to expose a scene properly…  So I did.  For years I was focused...

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How to Gain More Control Over Your Widgets with Widget Options

  WordPress offers plenty of ways to customize your site, and few of them are as easy to implement as plain old widgets. These simple elements enable you to set up complex features in just a few clicks, so it makes sense that you should learn to use them to their full extent. While WordPress does offer plenty of widget options out of the box, there’s always room for improvement – in this case, using a plugin or two. In this piece, we’ll learn what widgets are and how to use them properly. Then, we’ll introduce you to two...

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The brilliant photos of the first American female war photographer killed in action

This was Dickey Chapelle’s favorite photograph of herself at work, taken in Milwaukee in 1958 by Marine Master Sgt. Lew Lowery, who also photographed the first American flag-raising on Mount Suribachi at Iwo Jima. (Dickey Chapelle/Wisconsin Historical Images) On Dec. 6, 1956, after midnight, three figures methodically traversed a frost-encrusted field in Austria. Guided by a compass and saddled with a million dollars’ worth of penicillin, they were on a humanitarian mission to deliver aid to Hungarian refugees. But the figure in the middle — at a diminutive 5 feet tall — had an additional purpose. It was the reason why she...

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