Why photograph from a low angle?

First of all, the reason why photographing from a low angle makes for a more interesting photograph is that the perspective is more unique. We are used to seeing the world from eye-level. We rarely see photos shot from low angles, because only children and maybe ants see the world from that perspective.

What is ‘perspective’ in the first place– anyways?

According to Leonardo da Vinci, he says the following:

‘Perspective is nothing else than a thorough knowledge of the function of the eye.’

Therefore perspective is knowing how your eye works.

Perspective is the wisdom of the eye. Having a knowledge of perspective means you have a trained eye– just like how a musician has a trained ear to hear different tones, melodies, and notes. As a photographer and artist, knowing perspective– you know how to determine which things are further away, closer, and at what angle.

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