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Edward Burtynsky & The Big Picture

Edward Burtynsky thinks big. Since the 1980s, he has been making large-format images of the extraction and exploitation of natural resources and the impact of these vast operations on the environment. His latest project is his most ambitious to date.


A Veteran Combat Photographer Recalls His Most Memorable Shots

While the United States military has been in Afghanistan and Iraq for the better part of nearly two decades, photographer Jeremy Lock's military career started just a decade earlier, before 9/11, in 1992 when he enlisted in the Air Force. Lock comes from a long line of family members in the military.

Video Creators



Brazilian photographer captures our greed for gold and sells for £118,750

The power of gold to both subject and liberate those who are drawn by its lustre is at the heart of one of Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado's most celebrated photographic series. It sold last month as a complete portfolio of 20 selenium-toned silver prints for £118,750 at Sotheby's in London.

Cameras & Lenses

Sony RX100 VI Camera Review

While people have largely stopped buying your run-of-the-mill point-and-shoots, there's still plenty of interest in compact cameras with large sensors and advanced features. Sony's RX100 series has definitely catered to that interest as one of the first cameras to wedge a 1-inch sensor into an impossibly small camera body.


Personal Advancement


Off-Camera Flash

Why Salads and CEOs Are Photographed the Exact Same Way

Pick up a magazine or fall down Instagram's rabbit hole and you're likely to come across at least one photograph lit up by an unnaturally bright flash - a flash that floods the space, evenly illuminating every detail in vivid color.

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