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Here Are 5 Super Helpful Photoshop Tips You Probably Don’t Know About

The wonderful (and daunting) thing about Photoshop is its seemingly infinite number of editing features. And even the most serious Photoshop pros can find something new in the program the deeper they dive. That's why we like tutorials like the below video from Colin Smith of PhotoshopCAFE.

Video Creators

Canon’s C700FF is up there with the best cinema cameras.

We visited Canon's new facility in Burbank to take a close up look at the new C700 FF, a camera that has got a lot of people talking. It's always fun to get hands-on with a brand new camera, especially when it's housed at a facility that's clearly intended to represent a filmmaker's playground of cameras and postproduction gear.


This Is How a Newspaper Dies

For a preview of the newspaper industry's coming death, turn your gaze to Colorado, where the withering and emaciated Denver Post finds itself rolling in profits. The Post's controlling owner, "vulture capitalist" Randall Smith, has become journalism's No. 1 villain for having cheapened and starved not just its Denver paper but many of the titles-including the St.


Cameras & Lenses


How To Add More Social Media Icons to Divi’s Header and Footer

Divi provides a tremendous amount of capabilities out of the box, but often we need to find ways to extend or improve upon what is provided by default. In this particular case a client asked to add Yelp alongside the other social media share icons showing in their secondary header and footer.

Personal Advancement

You look after your gear, but do you look after yourself?

I don't know about you, but I'm super paranoid about my gear when I travel, which is pretty often these days. I am a big fan of ThinkTank bags and so have all my lenses, batteries and cameras in carryon ThinkTank bags, which may or may not weigh the required 7kgs that most economy class limits require.

Adobe Illustrator

Blurring Artwork in Illustrator

One of the main benefits of creating artwork in vector format is that it will remain crisp and sharp at any size output. But what if you want soft edges in some places? Did you know that you can apply Gaussian Blur to objects in Illustrator?

Off-Camera Flash

Artificial sun: Using strobes to recreate natural light

While natural light often provides some of the best light for your portrait images, it is not always possible to use natural light. When you want complete control of light, you need to use artificial light, and it's possible...

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