These 11 Photographers Captured the Banal Beauty of the American Suburbs

Not all suburbs in America consist of tree-lined streets, cookie-cutter homes, shiny cars, and swimming pools. But this is the utopian vision of suburbia that has been cemented in the public conscience since the postwar era. During that time, G.I. Bill of Right benefits and low housing costs lured Americans to newly developed communities outside of cities.




Todd Hido: Intimate Distance: Twenty-Five Years of Photographs, A Chronological Album (Hardcover)

Well-known for his photographs of landscapes and suburban housing across the United States, and for his use of luminous color, Todd Hido casts a distinctly cinematic eye across all that he photographs, digging deep into his memory and imagination for inspiration. David Campany introduces the work and looks specifically at Hido’s cinematic influences and the kind of spectatorship the work demands. The book is organized chronologically, showing how his series overlap in exciting, new ways. Also featured are short interviews with Hido about the making of each of his monographs. From exterior to interior, surface observations to subconscious investigations, landscapes to nudes, this mid-career survey reveals insight into Hido’s practice and illustrates how his unique focus has developed and shifted over time.

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