It’s no secret that celluloid reminds us of a true cinema, and I’m talking about those good old action movies from the 1980s. The analog, grainy, and organic look that every digital manufacturer tries to mimic. This image comes naturally straight from a film camera. ?Patty Jenkins (the director) wanted something colorful and gleeful, a fun experience, like those sort of blockbuster movies, were in the 1970s and early 1980s, says WW84 DP Matthew Jensen ASC in an interview to Kodak.

The Wonder of Film Cameras in Wonder Woman 1984 – Y.M.Cinema – News & Insights on Digital Cinema

In this fascinating interview with Wonder Woman 1984’s DP, Matthew Jensen ASC, we are exposed to the essentials and wonder of the celluloid. WW84 was shot entirely on Kodak 35mm, 65mm, and IMAX 65mm film formats. Read below about the challenges and the dedications involved.

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