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Category: Technology

The Butt Pajamas Will Follow You Forever

If you’re reading this, you might have read the juicy piece that Elle dropped this weekend chronicling how a former Bloomberg reporter torched her entire career after falling for the longtime subject of her reporting, professional-tool-turned-convicted-securities-fraudster Martin Shkreli. And if you know about that article, you probably know about The Ad.

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Fox Sports Worked a Live Mirrorless Camera Into an NFL Broadcast – And It Caught Viewers’ Attention

In place of a traditional Steadicam, the onsite crew deployed a Sony mirrorless camera (the a7R IV, to be exact) on a Ronin-S handheld gimbal to capture end-zone shots following scoring plays. The shallow depth of field delivered visuals that had never been seen in a live NFL game broadcast — and viewers noticed.

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