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This Is How a Newspaper Dies

For a preview of the newspaper industry’s coming death, turn your gaze to Colorado, where the withering and emaciated Denver Post finds itself rolling in profits. The Post’s controlling owner, “vulture capitalist” Randall Smith, has become journalism’s No. 1 villain for having cheapened and starved not just its Denver paper but many of the titles-including the St.

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Here Are 5 Super Helpful Photoshop Tips You Probably Don’t Know About

The wonderful (and daunting) thing about Photoshop is its seemingly infinite number of editing features. And even the most serious Photoshop pros can find something new in the program the deeper they dive. That's why we like tutorials like the below video from Colin Smith of PhotoshopCAFE.


Tonys Honor a New York Times Theater Photographer

Sara Krulwich, a longtime theater photographer who has documented decades of Broadway history for The New York Times, is being honored for "extraordinary achievement" by the Tony Awards.