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Google has a local news problem

Google’s search algorithm is effectively so biased against local news sources that it inflicts an unfair financial penalty on local journalism. Page views are dollars and Google is robbing your local newspaper to pay a few big, national news outlets. Consider a few assertions that lean toward fact: The dominant subsidy model supporting digital news is programmatic advertising. Advertising revenue requires page views and visits, the more the better.

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The Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has now weakened to a tropical depression, and forecasters are warning of continued heavy rainfall and flooding still to come. When the hurricane came ashore on Friday, the National Hurricane Center said it had sustained winds of 90 mph, and a reported 11 deaths have been blamed on the storm.

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Visa pour l’image: The story of the world from big food to defecation

Visa pour l’image, an annual festival held in France, celebrates photojournalism for the 30th time this year with 25 exhibitions. The images on display feel like the antithesis of a glossy tourism magazine – the world in all its gory. The festival’s exhibitions focus on the things that make us human – in intimate and occasionally repulsive ways.

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Photojournalists Are Demanding A #MeToo Reckoning

In the past year, women have come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and abuse by men across politics, business and journalism. Multiple media organizations have fired or suspended male executives accused of harassment, including NPR. But the photojournalism world has largely been absent from the #MeToo conversation – and not because there’s no aching for one.

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Bad Adobe Lightroom Habits That Could Slow You Down

Are you guilty of any of these 17 photo editing mistakes? Previously, you learned about time-wasting habits that could severely reduce your productivity level while using Photoshop. This time, photography expert Tim Grey has introduced 17 mistakes you might be guilty of committing on Adobe Lightroom.


10 Quotes from 10 Artists that will 10x your Self-Motivation

Writers, painters, musicians, photographers - those who have succeeded in these creative arenas offer us lessons in self-motivation unlike those we might learn or be exposed to in other fields. This post gathers together ten different quotes from ten different creative artists, each of which we feel contains within it the remarkable power to motivate and inspire.