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Beyond the Myth of the War Photographer

In “Shooting War,” the psychiatrist Anthony Feinstein explores the complexity of photographers’ day-to-day work covering conflict and human depravity. The myth of the war photographer is hard to dispel. Infused with machismo, the Hollywood archetype is the hard-living, scarf-wearing loner dashing from one war zone to the next, with romantic partners as expendable as bullets.

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Despair, Love and Loss: A Journey Inside West Virginia’s Opioid Crisis

People suffering from drug addiction are commonly depicted at their most vulnerable – nameless refugees from a world of misery, washed up on city sidewalks or huddling beneath an overpass. But the lives of these people, like all lives, are more than their lowest points; there is boredom, laughter, fatigue, friendship, scheming, desperation, love, loss and death.

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Award-winning photojournalist ‘officially arrested’ in Xinjiang

The award-winning Chinese photojournalist who vanished last month in the restive north-west region of Xinjiang was “officially arrested” by local authorities, his wife said on Wednesday (Dec 12). The wife of Mr Lu Guang wrote on Twitter that police in Kashgar had called and confirmed that her husband had been arrested, though no charges were mentioned.

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