Photography tip: One lens, one camera

Photographer Dan Milnor discusses how the best thing you can do for your photography is to shoot with one lens and one camera.

I still prefer film. This reality prompts many questions about why I would prefer something considered outdated by many in my former profession. I prefer film for a variety of reasons. The lifestyle is fantastic because film doesn’t require computer time. I also love the old cameras I get to use, like my 47-year-old Leica M4, but what I truly love the most about film are the limitations that come with it.

Film makes me think. I don’t have an endless amount. I can’t over shoot every single moment. And I have to pay for each and every frame. Most people consider these to be limitations of film, a valid opinion, but I see them as the beauty and strength of the system.

Source: Photography tip: One lens, one camera