No Time to Die Cinematographer Tells Us How to Shoot Badass Car Chases

Right at the beginning of the movie, a motorbike careens through the streets of Matera, Italy; the filmmaker calls it “a little amuse-bouche” (an appetizer for those who don’t watch cooking shows) for the DB5 car chase sequence. The warmup is not a wimpy action scene: it sets the tone for the connection between Bond, the Aston Martin, and the audience.

You have to build up for the stunt sequences in such a way that it gets more intense,” Sandgren told me on the phone. “You have the emotions that the character has. And so that’s also part of why you can’t just shoot some cool shots of it. It’s better and I think it’s more scary for us as an audience to be thinking ‘Come on, you’ve got to make it!’ You know he’s going to make it, but you’re in the moment, and those things are really fun to work with.”

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