One major contributing factor to this untruth is the overuse of Photoshop. Nowadays, Photoshop is not only used to change the exposure and color tones of a photo, but also to accentuate muscle tone, slim down bodies, and even out blemished skin. While it may seem like fixing our imperfections will make our insecurities disappear, it in fact only makes them greater. Photoshop is not just lowering the confidence of the viewer, but the original poster as well. Every day, people are praised for their perfect, unblemished bodies in a Photoshopped photo, despite it not being authentic. And what is perfect, anyway? There is no such thing.

Is Photoshop Destroying Our Self-Confidence?

A look at the pitfalls of photoshop So you are scrolling through Instagram, and all you see are people with perfect bodies, flawless complexions and chiseled jawlines. How are you supposed to compete with that? Well, the bad news is that you can’t-but the good news is that neither can they.

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