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Category: General News

Suzanne Stein : A Walk On The Street Photography Wild Side

Her work is like layer cake. Generous helpings of bleak reality, iced with tenderness, laced with fleeting moments of beauty. Suzanne Stein makes powerful street photographs. Photographs that give a glimpse into another world where existence is played out at the very edges of the human universe. Moments of the most extraordinary madness and street chaos, where, once in a while, something unexpected blossoms.

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Air Force photographer in hot water after racially tinged posts

A photojournalist assigned to Ramstein Air Base in Germany is under investigation after repeatedly using a racial slur in a public Facebook group over the weekend. According to screenshots posted on the unofficial Facebook page Air Force amn/nco/snco, Senior Airman Elizabeth Baker used the term “Ching Chong” – a slur referring to Chinese people – at least three times in the YokotaTalk group.

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