Most famous photographers suck just as much as you do!

Why you should stop worrying about other people being better that you

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A few years ago I was sitting in a café in my hometown, flipping through one of the newspapers. My eyes stopped at one photo, I remember thinking “this is a pretty crappy shot”. I mean, it wasn’t terrible but really nothing special. Today, I can’t remember the motif. But I happened to read the photo credit and I definitely remember who took it.

The picture was shot by one of their staff photographers, and I knew his name very well. Paul Hansen. Paul Hansen has — among other awards — been appointed “Photographer of the Year” six times. Six times! He’s done loads of large journalistic photo essays that’s been praised and he is seen as one of our time’s greatest photographers.

But this shot was crap. There was nothing interesting about it. At all. How could one of the country’s best photographers be able to produce something so tame?