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Category: Documentary

In a new book, photojournalist Barbara Kinney shares a behind-the-scenes look at Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid

For 20 months, photojournalist Barbara Kinney followed Hillary Clinton on the 2016 campaign trail, capturing the first-ever female major-party presidential nominee as she walked rope lines and across stages. In a new book, Kinney’s images serve as a fascinating visual document of the grueling, day-to-day world of a presidential campaign.

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Photography is medicine: Rich Allela on changing the world through the lens

Richard Allela, 29, is changing the world through his passion. He tells Annie Awuor more about it. I am a photographer and filmmaker at Rich Studios Africa. I love telling stories that spark curiosity, inspire people and shift perspectives. I have a wide range of knowledge in feature films, documentaries and commercial photography. I strongly believe that stories come from collaboration and understanding.

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