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Category: Documentary

On Documenting White Supremacy: Photojournalists Share Experience, Advice and Warnings

For photographers, the story presents challenging questions: How are they to get images beyond the sensational clichés—burning crosses, Nazi regalia, contorted faces spewing hate—to show nuance and increase understanding? And how can the story be told without giving a platform to a dangerous movement that thrives on publicity?

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Photographer Dawoud Bey adds MacArthur genius grant to noted career looking at African-American life

Though Dawoud Bey, the long-beloved titan of African-American photographic portraiture, began his career 40 years ago, his often-repeated origin is worth repeating here: In 1969, Bey, then a young man from Queens, New York, heard about a controversial exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and went to check out the protests.

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