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Category: Cameras & Lenses

Sony RX100 VI Camera Review

While people have largely stopped buying your run-of-the-mill point-and-shoots, there’s still plenty of interest in compact cameras with large sensors and advanced features. Sony’s RX100 series has definitely catered to that interest as one of the first cameras to wedge a 1-inch sensor into an impossibly small camera body.

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Nikon D3500 review

The Nikon D3500 is the latest version of Nikon’s entry-level DSLR. It’s effectively an update to the evergreen Nikon D3400, a starter DSLR that’s been a long-term favourite. There haven’t been many changes, and it’s unlikely you’d want to upgrade your old D3400 (or D3300 before it) to the new D3500, but this refresh does keep Nikon right at the head of the game in the beginner DSLR market.

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