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Author: The PhotoCamp Director

Forgotten Images of the Vietnam War Made for the Americans Who Fought In It

For more than four decades, Art Greenspon kept his recollections of photographing the Vietnam War for Overseas Weekly tucked away deep in his memory, as inaccessible as the images themselves. Then, in 2014, a treasure trove of 35 mm negatives emerged from the gloom of a Scandinavian cellar, vividly reminding Mr. Greenspon of his time working for the scrappy little alternative tabloid.

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The Quiet Heroism of Arthur Ashe

John G. Zimmerman’s modest photograph depicts a 25-year-old man surrounded by commuters on the platform of a Manhattan subway station in September 1968. He is simply dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and khaki trousers. Pen in one hand, folded newspaper in the other, he is working on a crossword puzzle.

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