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Author: The PhotoCamp Director

Adding storytelling elements to news photos

It’s a simple story. A building owner and a structural engineer inspect a building damaged in a parking lot accident. This photo is referred to as the “second day photo” when a story is extended another news cycle to bring a fresh or updated perspective to the story. In this case the previous day’s photos showed fire fighters shoring up the interior of the building after the crash. The photos also included two fire fighters checking the damage and discussing how best to make the temporary repairs, at right. News photos sometimes don’t require great impact. It is important...

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Making a creative decision can be simple

Exploring the possibilities for a photograph can be as simple as stepping two feet to the left, right, back, or forward. Or waiting until the next morning when the light is better. Maybe the solution is to wait a few minutes for the light to shift or the pattern to repeat itself. There was a time when photographers were more observant about deciding when it was best to press the shutter. It cost more. Film and processing could be expensive unless the photographer took the time to pick the perfect place and time for the photo. Digital photography significantly...

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22 Organizations That Want to Fund Your Photo Project

It’s been said making photographs is the easy part. It’s everything else around pressing the shutter that’s hard. Maybe one of these 22 possibilities can make it easier to finance your project. So you’ve got a great idea for your next photo endeavor, but not the funds to see it through. Sound familiar? To help you out, we’ve partnered up with G-Technology for our guide 22 Organizations That Want to Fund Your Photo Project. We’ve collected 22 grants, monetary awards, and scholarships that could be your golden ticket to telling the story that matters most to you. This guide...

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