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Author: The PhotoCamp Director

DroneCannon RW

DroneShield who have been making a complete system of products and services for the last couple of years to aid in the defense of drone threats has released another product called DroneCannon RW. Now while I realize this is a little off topic for Newsshooter I thought it may still be of some interest to our readers.

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Most Exciting Features of Gutenberg

WordPress 5.0 is inching ever closer to release, and with it comes an entirely new way of creating content. While the classic TinyMCE editor has become second nature to many users, it’s soon being replaced by the new Gutenberg editor. While this has divided the community, it’s hard to deny that Gutenberg comes packed with some impressive new features.

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Filmed on Pixel 3 | In collaboration with Terrence Malick

It’s a new world, indeed. Attention all smartphone enthusiasts: Google has just unveiled its latest addition to its smartphone line-up with the Google Pixel 3. Announced as “a new way to see the world,” the phone provides a battery that lasts all day, free, unlimited online storage for your photos, the helpful Google Assistant, and more.

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