AI Is Already Changing The Way We Think About Photography

AI is rapidly changing the way we think about photography. Just a couple of years from now, most advances in the photo space will be AI-centric, and not optics or sensor-centric as before. The advancement in photography technology will, for the first time ever, be untethered from physics, and will create a whole new way of thinking about photography.




The No-Code Guide to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What to Think About AI Today (Paperback)

Okay so AI has been in the news lately. Some rich tech billionaire says AI (or deep learning?) is going to take all the jobs and we are going to be poor on the streets or something. Or maybe you read some article by some dude that AI is in fact a dumb thing. This book is designed to teach you a very specific thing. Its goal is to get you to one place. This book wants you to do just one thing: Know just enough AI so that you can talk about it in a business meeting without a triggering a BS detector. You will not learn how to program AI or deep learning or machine learning or whatever here. There is no real reason to learn it – more on why I say that in the book. You are not going to spend pages reading about how AI will ruin our lives as we know it. For the most part, the stuff does not really work. More on why in the book. We are going to talk about AI in the real world – the issues that creators and users of the products experience everyday. Learn about what gets people to tear out their hair or shake their heads in frustration. By reading this book, you can expect to get: • A crash course that at least tells you the differences between AI, machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. • A rundown of today’s AI applications from speech recognition to self-driving cars • An overview of possible AI-centric revenue models • A discussion of various issues in AI business entrepreneurship • An analysis on the process of deep learning product development including accuracy improvement, knowledge transfer and design Written out of experiences spent working in business development for an AI company, this book dives into the AI and how it affects the corporate world. It is meant to be accessible and engaging, the right way to take your first steps into a new world. Download a sample and check it out.

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