Adobe announces Project Rush, a cross-device video editing application

Adobe has announced development of Project Rush, a cross-device video editing application that consolidates the entire video creation workflow, from shooting to social media sharing. According to Adobe, Rush is intended to provide a more streamlined and intuitive user experience for creating videos, as well as to provide a powerful video solution for mobile users.




The Filmmaker’s Eye: Learning (and Breaking) the Rules of Cinematic Composition (Paperback)

Loaded with hundreds of full-color examples, this focused, easy-to-reference guide shows you how to become an eloquent visual storyteller through effective and expressive choices for each and every shot in your film. The second edition of Filmmaker’s Eye helps you gain a deeper understanding of the role each shot plays in the larger narrative scheme of your film, and the technical requirements necessary to achieve powerful and memorable images.

After a short introduction to principles, an extensive array of shot types are deconstructed in the following format:
* Why It Works: An introduction to the time-honored and tested traditional use of particular shot types.

* How It Works: Callouts point out exactly how shots work the way the do, revealing the visual rules, technical aspects, and cinematic techniques in action.

* Technical Considerations: The equipment, techniques, and technical variables to consider to get the shot you want.

* Breaking the Rules: Examples where the “rules” are brilliantly subverted for maximum expressive and stylistic impact.

The 2nd edition has been updated with new movie examples of various shots featured, a new chapter on The Overhead Shot, expanded sections on aspect ratios, rule of thirds, shooting formats, and more.

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