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Converting Stereoscopic Photos into GIFs

Stereoscopic GIFs (also called twitchy GIFs) like the one above and on these pages: ... are awesome, but what if you want to convert old stereoscopic photos into the digital age quickly and cheaply? (Negatives and slides are another issue. I'll address how to cheaply scan these in a future post.)


Video Creators

How Peter Jackson colourised WWI footage for his new documentary

In this video, he explains some of the painstaking work that went into colourising the 100-year-old footage in the documentary, including using Photoshop and other software to revitalise the footage for a new era. Beyond the frame-by-frame colourisation, Jackson's team also had to correct the speed and jerkiness of the film.



A Photographer’s Loving Ode to Small-Town Texas

The five decades that Keith Carter has spent documenting small-town Texas more than make up for the fact that he was born in Wisconsin. His family moved to the town of Beaumont when he was just a few years old, in the early nineteen-fifties, and his single mother took up commercial portrait photography to support them.

Cameras & Lenses

Samsung Used Photo Taken With DSLR To Advertise Its Smartphone Camera

Photographer Dunja Djudjic at DIY Photography claimed Samsung Malaysia has used one of her images to advertise the Galaxy A8 Star’s portrait mode capabilities. Djudjic suspected Samsung licensed the image from her through Getty Images, but the image wasn’t captured using the A8 Star. It was actually taken using Djudjic’s own DSLR.

ON1 Photo Raw 2019


Personal Advancement


The best gear for photo and video editing

After installing a photo or video app, you may find it's by far the most resource-hungry thing on your computer. So what do you need to rein in all that power? Storage and memory. If you're editing 4K videos or RAW 42-megapixel photos, storage space and RAM are paramount.

Off-Camera Flash

Why Salads and CEOs Are Photographed the Exact Same Way

Pick up a magazine or fall down Instagram's rabbit hole and you're likely to come across at least one photograph lit up by an unnaturally bright flash - a flash that floods the space, evenly illuminating every detail in vivid color.

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